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Making space for ‘I am’

True Self



How often do we ask ourselves the question, who am I?

How often do we create space in our life to get to know ourselves?

I’m not talking about the person that others know or the person that we think we would like to be, but the person we actually are.

How do we get to know ourselves amongst the whirlwind of life? The everyday goings on, the noise, the activity?

Although these busy times can offer great insights, the wisdom comes from them when we find space. When we stop and listen to them. When we hear what lies waiting.

I’m not talking about needing to do a 10 day silent meditation retreat or an hour of going to a spa to relax. I’m talking about finding time when you stop doing, stop striving and stop working towards something.


Up until six years ago, if I’m really honest, the only time I stopped was when me and my husband went on holiday every few years to a beach resort and sat by the pool. It was then that my exhausted body and mind started to unravel. Notebook and pen came out and I reflected, unraveled, noticed, questioned, listened and heard.

So many insights came from this time and although I yearned for more, it somehow rarely happened until the next time, a few years later, when we made time for a break. Nowhere near enough time to help me uncover who I am or hear the messages inside.

Then my little boy arrived and time became in even shorter supply. I got busy with more doing, more activity and conversely less listening, less space, less insights.

Then my body and soul said loudly;

“enough! You need to be more and do less. You need to answer that burning question of who am I and go be that person. Nobody else.”

Physical exhaustion saved me from my constant state of doing and sheer absence of creating space to get to know myself and let the real me out.

It took being forced to stop that made me realise how much I yearned to stop. To be. To make space and revel in it. Unravel in it. Feel into who I am, who I have always been but never stopped to listen.

Beneath the noise, beneath the activity, is where the real you lies waiting for you. It is your precious inner home. Yearning to be heard, to be your friend, to guide your life in a way that truly feels like home.

Although I don’t regret it for one second, I hope you don’t, like me, let yourself be forced to stop and listen. But take a small step to make some space today.

What feels appealing to you?

  • A mindful walk with your best friend (that’s you!),
  • a page of journaling what feels true for you or what matters to you
  • a peaceful seat with your thoughts
  • lying on the grass and simply noticing how your body feels
  • or staring at the stars and dreaming

Find that space today, don’t leave it any longer to get to know you – the precious being, the person desperately needed in this world unfiltered and free to do her magic.


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