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My biggest fear

True Living, True Purpose

I have a fear. It’s a big one for me, maybe even my biggest. I would love to know if you feel it too?

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My big fear is of dying filled with the precious glimmers of wisdom and unique ‘me-and-only-me ness’ resting deep inside, never to have seen the light of day.

Of being left on my death bed feeling that I never said it. Knowing that I never had the courage to let it come to the surface.

Having to accept that I never let my uniqueness take its place in this world and acknowledge that the precious box inside of me, filled with gifts to be shared with all, was left without being seen by anyone.

I believe we all have gifts and wisdom within us that the world so desperately needs to hear. We all have a worthy and precious contribution to make in this world, each looking very different but all making a difference.

It is my fear that I won’t take my place fully, that I won’t make the difference that only I can. That I won’t play my unique part in the world and its journey onward. That I won’t leave the legacy that I know lies within me for future generations to be custodians of and to use to travel onwards feeling that little bit more equipped.

It is this fear that fuels me, moves me and guides me every single day. It excites me in a butterflies in my stomach kind of way. I want to grasp this opportunity with every little ounce of me and let it come out, share it and make it truly count.

I want this for me and maybe you want this too?

I want us all to die feeling worthwhile, empty, that we mattered and truly made a difference.

I am on a life-defining journey to finding a way to capture the wisdom that lies within myself and others and share it far and wide. I’m on a mission to preserving these bundles of wisdom and finding a way of delivering them to benefit many more to come.

My fear fuels me forward on this mission. There is so much creativity within me bursting to come out, so much courage to be found and bold action to be taken.

If you feel the fear, I would love you to get in touch. I would love to hear your wisdom and help you to share it. Let’s journey together.