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Softening to Life

Poetry From Home



Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.

I’ve travelled through life like a metal rod,
Stiff and resistant to its flowing rhythms.
No flexibility to bend or sway
Or stray from the path
That I held firmly as the only way.

It felt like a fight, a battle, a war
Hypervigilent to everything coming my way.
I gave it my all, I tried my best
It left me exhausted, broken and lost,
Deeply craving for more.

It forced me to find another way,
One that allowed me to bend and sway.
Dropping the need to control where I go
Trusting the meanders and unexpected turns
Being open to the journey life’s taking me on.

Now I have softened to what comes my way,
Curious, open and at peace.
I sway in the breeze, I dance in the sun
I’ve dropped the pressure for things to go my way
And am riding the flowing river of life.