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The Deep Pull of Home

Poetry From Home



I’m blessed to be spending this week slowly meandering on the Isle of Bute in Scotland with my son and parents.

Although I’ve never called this island home, it feels like a second home. It holds so many happy childhood memories of annual holidays on my grandparents’ farm. Precious memories of exploring, aimlessly playing, creating, losing myself in nature and finding precious parts of myself as life bubbled slowly along.

Being here reminds me of how deeply I yearned to feel at home in my life for so many years. I was striving to live the life I thought expected of me, yet it never truly felt like mine.

It was only when I reconnected with the child within me –  the child that came to this precious island year on year – and truly listened to her, that I could start the journey to feeling at home in my life.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from yourself and your life, this poem might sound familiar.



When will my life
Feel like a home
Brimming with comfort and ease?

When will I switch off
The guilt and the fears
And be totally and utterly me?

When will I sit
In my comfy armchair
Feeling beautifully enough as I am?

When will my work
Be a reflection of my soul
And allow me to play every day?

When will I stop
The shoulds and the have-tos
And embrace living life my way?

When will I trust
The voice deep inside
And allow it to guide my way?

Oh, take me back
To where I began
So I can feel deeply at home.


If you feel the pull for home, maybe it’s time to listen. I’d love to hear from you.

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