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Rewriting Self Care For You

Poetry From Home, True Living



As a sensitive soul, self care is everything. In fact, in my book, whether you’re sensitive or not, self care is pretty much everything.

Yet I, like most of us, have battled to find my way towards truly taking care of myself.

This battle has been varied, taking me far and wide.

Like many of us, I was so attuned to the needs of others that mine lay by the wayside. I promised to deal with my needs when a series of actions to support others were complete. And of course, they never were.

Like many of us, I created a rigid and seemingly never ending prescription of things to do. I was able to juggle them and push hard to achieve them for a while, and then fell into an exhausted pile of overwhelm.

Like many of us, I enlisted the support of others who claimed to be my holy grail. They were ‘experts’ at creating plans and programs, but ultimately that meant busyness. One by one I became disillusioned knowing they weren’t experts in me.

Like many of us, this seemingly never ending journey left me with feelings of self-loathing. Why could they do it and I couldn’t?

My battle felt lost and I collapsed with exhaustion. The scary kind of exhaustion that you wonder if you will ever recover from. This was the most giving of gifts wrapped in the scariest of wrapping papers. It gave me a chance to find my deeper meaning for self care and I will be forever grateful for.

I took the chance to uncover who I was, to deeply unearth and fall in love with my sensitivities, my gifts and my soul purpose.

I was given the chance to become my own sweet friend, to genuinely be mesmerised by, cherish and take pride in who I am.

I took the chance to put myself back in the centre of my life and work out what makes me feel good and supports me to live my purpose in this world. To work out how to be there for others whilst being there for myself. To work out how to bring the little girl inside of me out to play.

I took the chance to become my own expert in me. If I did desire the support of others (which was invaluable at times), I sought out those who helped me to unearth this expert within, instead of stealing its thunder.

No more pushing and forcing. No more feeling not good enough. No more expectations and dictates.

I was back.

My self care was, and is, a gentle and compassionate journey of listening and befriending myself and my soul purpose every day.

My self care and sense of meaning go hand in hand and are fuelled by my deep belief in myself, whilst believing in each and everyone of you.

Here’s a little poem from me to you to act, I hope, as inspiration to take care of your deeply precious self.


Taking Care of Me

I am a beautiful soul

A gentle and sensitive being.

Placed inside me are life changing blessings

The world desperately needs to hear.

I choose to live each day with intention

To take care of my precious body and soul.

To listen deeply to the wise whispers from inside

Allowing them to effortlessly guide me to sparkle.

It’s not because I have to, should or must

But because I truly desire to let these blessings be heard.

I believe in each and every one of us

And for that reason I believe in taking care of me.


If you want help to find your inner expert, your purpose or your very own approach to self care, it would be my honour to support you. I truly believe in you. Drop me a note.