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How to Make Sense of the World – Introducing The Wise Woman Series

True Living, True Self, Wise Woman Q&A



I’ve been blessed to work, soul-to-soul, with hundreds of intelligent and beautifully open women from around the world. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly and one of the deep blessings I count in my life.

Each one of these women are preciously unique, as are the reasons they courageously embark on a journey with me. These reasons are vibrantly varied in their specifics sitting somewhere within the realms of career, life transitions, health and relationships with themselves and others.

Yet, nestled deep inside, under those outer layers, they all share one thing – a deep yearning for guidance and wisdom on how to live as themself in this modern world.

This is a world that is more demanding, faster, noisier and busier than ever before.

This is a world in which it has sadly become common place to experience feelings of overwhelm, dis-ease, confusion, fear and loneliness.

It’s understandable that when these feelings surface, which they do for us all, we crave guidance and wisdom to support us to make sense of them and find our way in living our life in this world.

It’s my belief that so many of the answers lie within. When we find the space, courage and practice of listening inwards, in whatever way feels right, so much treasure can be found. This belief is core to my coaching and is why it’s my chosen way, alongside writing, and not one of the advice giving professions.

Yet, I deeply believe in the powerful and sacred effects of sharing our wisdom and collectively growing in consciousness on how to live.

Not every piece of wisdom will be right for us. As a recipient of wisdom we have the opportunity to catch it, place it within and discern whether it feels at home there and part of the lived experience we have already had. Maybe, even if we haven’t felt it yet in our own lives, it feels important enough to store it until the time comes when we can really experience it. Or maybe it’s meant to be released back to the outside world for someone else to catch.

There have always been challenges and complexities in life. Surely that’s an integral part of the journey of life, and in many ways is the catalyst for bubbles of wisdom to form and be captured. Yet times have changed.

For many generations wisdom sharing took place around fires, over meals, during daily working life, in places of worship and in writing and by consequence reading. Generations of women passing on their wisdom so it could be benefited from and retained within the circle of life.

Some of this exists today, yet it appears not to be as core or wide spread as it used to be for a range of reasons not least:

  • shifts in the central place of spirituality and the wisdom and philosophy it offers as an anchor to life
  • increased ease of movement creating shallower connections and a reduced role of family, a key vehicle for wisdom sharing particularly between generations
  • a loosening in the sense of community
  • excessive sharing of information via ever-growing technological platforms making it hard to find, sift and absorb the gold
  • increased busyness, speed and complexity of life
  • less celebration of and wisdom sharing at key life milestones
  • decline in the art and practices of letter writing and story telling

I have benefitted hugely from the wisdom of many dear kindred spirits and family members who role model and share freely their golden nuggets that now nestle within me.

I want to make a step towards filling the hole created by the loss of deep wisdom sharing by the modern day woman.

I want to unearth and share the wisdom of beautifully open, courageous, inspiring and deep women, rich in vulnerability and lived truths.

I am overjoyed, to the core of my being, to share with you every month a ‘Wise Woman Q&A’ interview.

A deeply introspective chat between kindred spirits sharing the stories of their journey home and their deeply lived and experienced wisdom.

This is not the beautiful dressed up in a bow, preachy, ‘you should’ kind of wisdom. It’s the real, rich, hard earned and compassionately shared wisdom which feeds the soul.

It is my hope by sharing this wisdom each one of us can walk forward feeling that bit clearer on how to live our life and can share it with future generations.

We kick off our Wise Woman Series next week with the beautiful Ana Ottman who deeply shares herself and her journey home. The inspiring Rachel W Cole joins us in February and the precious Anna Lovind in March with lots more wise women to come. Please join us and sign up here to receive notes from my heart and home and the Wise Woman videos.