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At home in me

Poetry From Home


Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.

At home in me

For years you whispered
Releasing wise, gentle and caring notes
From the depths within me.
I harshly turned my back on you
And left you all alone
As you longed to be heard.

Your whispers turned to shouts
Deeply craving my full attention,
A twinge here, a pain there
A strategic withdrawal of energy.
Your efforts went unnoticed
As I kept on driving, driving for more.

I forced you to get desperate
To scream and demand my attention
Like a spirited toddler in the throes of a tantrum.
I didn’t want to be stopped
But you gave me no choice.
I became a victim of your wisdom.

Reluctantly, I listened
As you guided me back home
With loud, clear and loving messages.
Rekindling our deep connection
I so desperately, yet unknowingly, yearned for
On my journey back to being me.

Thank you my dear and wise body
For caring so deeply for me,
Never once contemplating giving up.
Now I revel in your dulcet tones
And give thanks to you every day
I am most definitely at home in me.