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Wise Women Q&A: Rachel Cole

Wise Woman Q&A

I feel deeply at home, nourished and at peace when listening to and engaging with the depths of the soul of another. It’s a privilege that feeds me and it’s my deepest hope that it feeds you.

Today I invite you to join the deeply insightful, grounded and tender Rachel Cole and myself on the next Wise Woman Q&A.

Rachel is a coach, teacher and women’s empowerment expert and preciously and vulnerably shares her journey home from dealing with anxiety, self loathing and an eating disorder to creating an internal environment that invites her to stay. I love the compassion in her words and grounded honesty in acknowledging that being a human means messing up every day. The frenzy of unrealistic expectations, the Kardashians, the ego and having a kind relationship with yourself all make an appearance amongst many more.

So much truth, goodness and well earned wisdom.


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