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We’re all in this together

Poetry From Home


Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.


We’re all in this together

You are not alone my dear,
Although it seems that way
You are not the only one to shed silent tears
Fearing nobody understands.

We’re all on a journey
With ups and downs
Twists and turns
Feeling at home and deeply lost.

It looks different for us all
Yet it’s similar too
Behind the outer illusion we create
Is the real life we keep so protected.

I welcome you to share with us
What’s in your heart today
Or when the days feel dark
To brave allowing one of us in.

We’re all in this together
Not one of us escapes
Yet we have a community of each other
If we dare to let it in.