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Poetry From Home



Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.



Trust where you are my dear,
Gently cease the fight within
And know you will win.
Welcome this precious moment,
The one called now.

Brave the unknown journey,
Breathe and hitch a ride
No care for where you’re going.
Engage fully in this moment,
The one called now.

Every moment ends,
There will be no regret for this one
As you suck it bone dry.
Receive the gift of this moment’s wisdom,
The one called now.

Know you will make it out,
Enveloped by wisdom
Creating a cause for celebration.
You courageously rode the unknown moment,
The one called now.

Moments keep arriving,
As you become a frequent traveller
Going nowhere yet everywhere.
Every one bursting with meaning,
Each one called now.