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Wise Woman Q&A with Rebecca Campbell

Wise Woman Q&A

I feel deeply at home, nourished and at peace when listening to and engaging with the depths of the soul of another. It’s a privilege that feeds me and it’s my deepest hope that it feeds you.

Today I invite you to join the deeply inspiring, intuitive and wise Rebecca Campbell and myself on the next Wise Woman Q&A.

Rebecca is a best selling author, spiritual teacher and mentor and a deeply giving person. She shares her journey from being rock bottom and forced to surrender, to the path that resulted in her whole life feeling at home.

There is so much wisdom in her tools for coming home every day and vulnerability in how she talks about the challenges that come with a life of serving others and achieving deadlines which so many of us can relate to.

I loved learning about the incredible role nature has played in Rebecca’s life both in Australia and the UK and her insights on her creative journey that has led to her wonderful book, Light is the New Black, and two more on the way.

So much inspiration, goodness and well earned wisdom.

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