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A deep calling

True Living, True Self



I send this letter to you today as the words bubble through me in response to the political uncertainty surrounding the UK, the history of striving of many of my clients and the weariness that is surfacing from within me around life on a renovation site (although thankfully will soon be over!).

I write this letter to me and I write it to you, together let’s listen to the calling.


My dear friend,


Lay down your work, your worries and responsibilities in the knowledge that nothing is, or will ever be, more important than you.  Nothing deserves your care more than you, my precious friend.

A clear mind, a free body, a heard soul and sweet clarity are all on the other side of rest.

Let your body unfurl and watch the tension slip off of you to the floor. Feel ease and effortlessness spread through your body, strangers who are so very very welcome.

Let your mind feel cradled in space. Let go of what was and what will be and breathe in the mindful aroma of what is.

Welcome your soul whispers as they bubble to the surface sharing your deepest yearnings and well earned wisdom. Savour each one knowing how deserving they are of your attention.

Watch the slithers of clarity dangling before you, each feeding the courage and strength within you to live your life with purpose.


Let it be this way, not as a rare exception when you can struggle no further, but as a most tender and savoured part of your every day.

My dear dear friend, we need you conscious. We need you whole. We need you rested. We need you.


Michelle x