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What really matters?

True Living, True Self, True Work



If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re the kind of person that believes life is precious.

From time to time I imagine you stop to think about what really matters and how you want to live your life.

You care about this stuff but, if you’re like most people, it inevitably slips off your radar amongst the everyday busyness of life. I get it, I really do.

This week someone whom I admire deeply, have been inspired and supported by, passed away. Way too young and way too suddenly. It hit me in the heart and I’ve been enveloped ever since in a deep sadness for her beautiful family.

It has made me stop and think deeply.

We’re good at pushing through, striving, keeping going, getting it done and keeping quiet.

We’re good at wearing blinkers to shelter us from how we really feel and what really matters.

I wonder how many words, emotions, wishes and desires lie inside each one of us waiting to be let out? How many are buried so deep that they struggle to be heard?

When do we take the blinkers off? When do we halt the activity, press pause and lean in for long enough and deep enough to feel, to hear, to know what matters?

I pressed pause this week and listened to the whispers inside. Checked in, grounded myself and made adjustments.

I would love the chance to sit face to face, soul to soul with you and press pause on life together.

To allow you to hang out with yourself.

To rekindle your relationship with your inner being and gather all the bits of yourself you’ve lost or buried along the way so we can put them back together and see, unfiltered, who you are at your precious core.

To witness your friendship with yourself blossom as you trust yourself, hold your own hand and walk your journey of life with meaning.

Maybe one day we could do this (drop me a line and I’d love to) but until then stop a while from your journey of keeping going and striving.

Take a seat, a sojourn, a rest.

Switch off the noise that encircles you and feel cradled in space.


Intimately scan your body and tune into how it feels.

And start a conversation with yourself. Write it down or speak it out loud, but mainly listen.

  • Deep down, what’s aching to get out?
  • Where do you feel lacking in your life?
  • What do you crave more of?
  • What are you ignoring?
  • What feeds your soul?
  • How intimately do you know yourself?
  • When do you feel alive?
  • Who understands you?
  • What truly matters?

When you truly know what matters, I believe in;

  • saying it, compassionately and honestly, not leaving it unsaid
  • doing it, with dedication and courage, not leaving it undone
  • living it, with love and intention, not pushing through life unlived.

And remember you matter, not a little bit but so much. So;

 Ring your bell so we hear it.

Shine your light so we see it.

Share your soul so we feel it.