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Committing to your truest life every day

True Living, True Self



Pressing pause on life and welcoming space, can feel unachievable.

Like a luxury item we aspire to one day secure whilst being resigned to the fact that it will always elude us.

Like something people only do once they’ve done everything else, which let’s face it, never happens.

For so much of our life we’ve been taught, role modeled and rewarded for keeping going. For pushing through the daily grind, the mountains of activity, only to start all over again.

This is how my parents lived, and still do. Despite being retired, they never stop.

Literally never.

Always carrying a jumbled to do list around within them. Time chasing them down, hurrying them on and forcing them to move that bit faster, riddled with pressure.

As you can tell, this is a topic close to my heart and affects so many that I love.

Maybe this no-pause way of living has become the norm in our culture. Maybe it has taken over to such an extent that anyone who secures that elusive rest and spaciousness, is seen as abnormal.

Or maybe worse than that, maybe we label them with terms such as taking the easy route, not having what it takes or wasting their life and somehow marginalize them in our society in fear of what they may do to it, do to us.

Yet, amongst the majority who adopt the no-pause way of living, there’s a rising curiosity. A deep-rooted attraction towards another way. Do you feel the rising questioning around whether it’s really possible to pause?

  • Can you really have space and get things done?
  • Can you still be a valuable part of the world if you’re not on the go all the time?
  • Can you really live comfortably if your not working 24/7?
  • Or is all this talk abut pressing pause just another marketing ploy to make us purchase that one thing that promises to change everything?

It feels like we’re slowly gaining awareness around the pit holes of the keep on going, keep striving, don’t stop for anything lifestyle that rules.

  • It’s not enjoyable: maybe there are snippets of fun along the way but they are short lived and surface level. What truly makes life enjoyable is deep, sustainable fulfillment. The stuff that literally feeds us like no other, the stuff that is baked in the deep knowing of who you are and what truly matters to you. This is sadly absent in the no pause world.
  • It’s not efficient: We’ve been sold a stonking great lie; keeping going gets more done. It’s just not true. When we push through, we’re unlikely to know where we’re headed or why we’re headed there and not somewhere else. We’re likely to lack the clear head, resilient mind and strong body to make things really happen We’re likely to get distracted easier, be closed to alternatives and be much, much slower in our progress.
  • It’s not healthy: every part of our body, mind and soul needs to be nurtured, allowed to recover, rest and replenish if we’re to avoid dis-ease which sadly, as a culture, we’re not very successful at.
  • It’s not me: when you keep striving you struggle to factor yourself, your desires, your gifts, your uniqueness, you into the world. You don’t have the time or space to hear yourself, know yourself or find yourself. You turn into a robot on autopilot reducing your ability to alter course so it reflects you and you alone. You feel set adrift from your life and don’t know how to get back.

Life is precious.

Too precious to bland yourself down or forget who you are. Too precious to just survive, to exist as one of many in a culture of exhausted, unfulfilled and lost robots.

But I know, and I think you do, that there is another way. A way to live anchored in yourself, focused and hard working, but fulfilled and on purpose. A way that presses pause daily and reconnects your true being with your true doing.

A way that has time carved out to be with yourself, to come home. To remember what matters to you, to reconnect with your true self and sit with her, listen to her and let her guide you. To feel clear about the work ahead, to re-jig the course and set sail with confidence and courage.

This pause is my daily journey home. It didn’t used to be, I had drifted so far from home and had to take the long and winding road home but now I’ve found it I’m committed to my truest life every day.

Sometimes it looks like a walk in the wild, or a writing session with no purpose but to release the contents of my mind. At other times its meditation to gain insights on what I’ve struggled to hear whilst busy in the doing, or a long bath where I soak in what matters. It’s prayer grounding me and bringing me back to what calls me, its staring out the window watching the sheep or lying in the grass and simply listening in.



Some days it’s one, others its many, judging what I need to bring me home every single day. There’s no perfect science, no formula to follow, just a deep commitment to myself, my true self.

Sometimes the daily dose is enough, but at other times we need longer especially if the pause button has eluded us for so long or life has thrown huge changes our way.

Then, its about pressing pause for longer. Maybe taking a day, or days, or a series of blocks of time to get to know yourself again, to come home.

Finding your way back home, to who you truly are, changes everything.

Maybe we do it on our own or maybe we need someone to journey with us to help us learn how to make space. Learn how to hear our true voice amongst that of others. Learn how to build that daily commitment to our very being.

Maybe we can do it where we live or maybe we need to step so far out of daily life to forget who we were trying to be and remember who we truly are.

Whatever we need on any one day, this pause is the basis of making your life yours. This pause is a commitment to you. This pause is what sustains the real you in the world.

This pause is how you find your way back to yourself every single day.


Michelle offers coaching to clients around the world and solo retreats at her home in rural England to enable people to press pause, to journey home to their true self and build a lasting daily commitment to coming home and live their true life.