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Wise Woman: Kelly Wendorf

Wise Woman Q&A

I feel deeply at home, nourished and at peace when listening to and engaging with the depths of the soul of another. It’s a privilege that feeds me and it’s my deepest hope that it feeds you.

Today I invite you to join the deeply inspiring, insightful and wise Kelly Wendorf and myself on the next Wise Woman Q&A.

Kelly is a gifted writer, a facilitator of change in individuals and businesses, a guide, speaker and horsewoman. More than this, she is a genuine beacon of light and life in this world for me and many others.

Kelly shares her thoughts on listening for your calling to tether you home whilst acknowledging the deep role of humility when we inevitably find ourselves straying. She helpfully shares her challenges and the role they have had in her life alongside two of her most powerful teachers; nature and horses.

I loved listening to Kelly’s wisdom as she encourages us to remember that everything matters and the often forgotten practices of finding space and engaging with our bodies.

So much inspiration, goodness and well earned wisdom.


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