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Wise Woman Q&A: Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Wise Woman Q&A

I feel deeply at home, nourished and at peace when listening to and engaging with the depths of the soul of another. It’s a privilege that feeds me and it’s my deepest hope that it feeds you.

Today I invite you to join the inspiring, insightful and wise Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and myself on the next Wise Woman Q&A. Amy is a former journalist, mother of 3, author and owner of a beautiful business called Happy Mamma that helps mums reconnect with themselves.

Amy shares so openly about how becoming a mother 3 times over stripped her back to the deep realisation that very little of her life reflected her truth. She opens up about her driven, workaholic, unbalanced and unhealthy tendencies which had built within her over many many years and sheds light on how she replaced them.

Amy talks about how becoming a mother brought her to her knees doubting she could go on. She shares how she picked up the pieces and rebuilt her life, spirit and identity so it truly reflected who she is.

I love Amy’s compassionate reflections on the work she does in the world and how she feels like one part of a wave working to help women value themselves differently and choose a new definition of success.

So much inspiration, goodness and well earned wisdom.


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