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Being Me

In Poetry From Home on November 23, 2016



I am here to make change in the world,

deep change that will stand the test of time.

I am here to bring me into the world,

and help others to step forward as themselves.


I need not contort myself or strive to be different,

remaining true to myself is key.

I need not do what everyone else is doing,

I must do what I am called to do.


I must own my journey,

not look to others to define it.

I must not go at the world’s pace,

but go at my own varied pace.


I must bring me fully into the world.

I will let me bubble out

in my gentle, thoughtful and deep way

touching the heart and souls of the world.


I will live as myself,

always remembering the gift that being me is.

I will not give up

on being me.


In Poetry From Home on May 5, 2016



Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.



Trust where you are my dear,
Gently cease the fight within
And know you will win.
Welcome this precious moment,
The one called now.

Brave the unknown journey,
Breathe and hitch a ride
No care for where you’re going.
Engage fully in this moment,
The one called now.

Every moment ends,
There will be no regret for this one
As you suck it bone dry.
Receive the gift of this moment’s wisdom,
The one called now.

Know you will make it out,
Enveloped by wisdom
Creating a cause for celebration.
You courageously rode the unknown moment,
The one called now.

Moments keep arriving,
As you become a frequent traveller
Going nowhere yet everywhere.
Every one bursting with meaning,
Each one called now.

We’re all in this together

In Poetry From Home on March 24, 2016


Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.


We’re all in this together

You are not alone my dear,
Although it seems that way
You are not the only one to shed silent tears
Fearing nobody understands.

We’re all on a journey
With ups and downs
Twists and turns
Feeling at home and deeply lost.

It looks different for us all
Yet it’s similar too
Behind the outer illusion we create
Is the real life we keep so protected.

I welcome you to share with us
What’s in your heart today
Or when the days feel dark
To brave allowing one of us in.

We’re all in this together
Not one of us escapes
Yet we have a community of each other
If we dare to let it in.

At home in me

In Poetry From Home on February 3, 2016


Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.

At home in me

For years you whispered
Releasing wise, gentle and caring notes
From the depths within me.
I harshly turned my back on you
And left you all alone
As you longed to be heard.

Your whispers turned to shouts
Deeply craving my full attention,
A twinge here, a pain there
A strategic withdrawal of energy.
Your efforts went unnoticed
As I kept on driving, driving for more.

I forced you to get desperate
To scream and demand my attention
Like a spirited toddler in the throes of a tantrum.
I didn’t want to be stopped
But you gave me no choice.
I became a victim of your wisdom.

Reluctantly, I listened
As you guided me back home
With loud, clear and loving messages.
Rekindling our deep connection
I so desperately, yet unknowingly, yearned for
On my journey back to being me.

Thank you my dear and wise body
For caring so deeply for me,
Never once contemplating giving up.
Now I revel in your dulcet tones
And give thanks to you every day
I am most definitely at home in me.

Efficiency is Overrated

In Poetry From Home on December 17, 2015




Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.

Efficiency is overrated

The cheapest option
The quickest way
Sweet music to the ears
Of those who seek efficiency.

I was a subscriber
Holding efficiency up high
No doubts or alternatives
The way forward was clear.

My mind boggled with schedules
Detailed plans and critical paths
Little room for rest or fun
Only moving forward.

But now I see the joy of the journey
Was taken right away
The striving, pushing and juggling
Left me craving rest and deep meaning.

What happened to the soul-filling gifts
Of smelling the sweet roses
Taking our precious time
And savoring every step of the way?

I now know there’s a place for everything
And inefficiency has its place
So don’t forget my dear
Not everything is a race.


Rewriting Self Care For You

In Poetry From Home, True Living on December 2, 2015



As a sensitive soul, self care is everything. In fact, in my book, whether you’re sensitive or not, self care is pretty much everything.

Yet I, like most of us, have battled to find my way towards truly taking care of myself.

This battle has been varied, taking me far and wide.

Like many of us, I was so attuned to the needs of others that mine lay by the wayside. I promised to deal with my needs when a series of actions to support others were complete. And of course, they never were.

Like many of us, I created a rigid and seemingly never ending prescription of things to do. I was able to juggle them and push hard to achieve them for a while, and then fell into an exhausted pile of overwhelm.

Like many of us, I enlisted the support of others who claimed to be my holy grail. They were ‘experts’ at creating plans and programs, but ultimately that meant busyness. One by one I became disillusioned knowing they weren’t experts in me.

Like many of us, this seemingly never ending journey left me with feelings of self-loathing. Why could they do it and I couldn’t?

My battle felt lost and I collapsed with exhaustion. The scary kind of exhaustion that you wonder if you will ever recover from. This was the most giving of gifts wrapped in the scariest of wrapping papers. It gave me a chance to find my deeper meaning for self care and I will be forever grateful for.

I took the chance to uncover who I was, to deeply unearth and fall in love with my sensitivities, my gifts and my soul purpose.

I was given the chance to become my own sweet friend, to genuinely be mesmerised by, cherish and take pride in who I am.

I took the chance to put myself back in the centre of my life and work out what makes me feel good and supports me to live my purpose in this world. To work out how to be there for others whilst being there for myself. To work out how to bring the little girl inside of me out to play.

I took the chance to become my own expert in me. If I did desire the support of others (which was invaluable at times), I sought out those who helped me to unearth this expert within, instead of stealing its thunder.

No more pushing and forcing. No more feeling not good enough. No more expectations and dictates.

I was back.

My self care was, and is, a gentle and compassionate journey of listening and befriending myself and my soul purpose every day.

My self care and sense of meaning go hand in hand and are fuelled by my deep belief in myself, whilst believing in each and everyone of you.

Here’s a little poem from me to you to act, I hope, as inspiration to take care of your deeply precious self.


Taking Care of Me

I am a beautiful soul

A gentle and sensitive being.

Placed inside me are life changing blessings

The world desperately needs to hear.

I choose to live each day with intention

To take care of my precious body and soul.

To listen deeply to the wise whispers from inside

Allowing them to effortlessly guide me to sparkle.

It’s not because I have to, should or must

But because I truly desire to let these blessings be heard.

I believe in each and every one of us

And for that reason I believe in taking care of me.


If you want help to find your inner expert, your purpose or your very own approach to self care, it would be my honour to support you. I truly believe in you. Drop me a note.

The Deep Pull of Home

In Poetry From Home on October 28, 2015



I’m blessed to be spending this week slowly meandering on the Isle of Bute in Scotland with my son and parents.

Although I’ve never called this island home, it feels like a second home. It holds so many happy childhood memories of annual holidays on my grandparents’ farm. Precious memories of exploring, aimlessly playing, creating, losing myself in nature and finding precious parts of myself as life bubbled slowly along.

Being here reminds me of how deeply I yearned to feel at home in my life for so many years. I was striving to live the life I thought expected of me, yet it never truly felt like mine.

It was only when I reconnected with the child within me –  the child that came to this precious island year on year – and truly listened to her, that I could start the journey to feeling at home in my life.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from yourself and your life, this poem might sound familiar.



When will my life
Feel like a home
Brimming with comfort and ease?

When will I switch off
The guilt and the fears
And be totally and utterly me?

When will I sit
In my comfy armchair
Feeling beautifully enough as I am?

When will my work
Be a reflection of my soul
And allow me to play every day?

When will I stop
The shoulds and the have-tos
And embrace living life my way?

When will I trust
The voice deep inside
And allow it to guide my way?

Oh, take me back
To where I began
So I can feel deeply at home.


If you feel the pull for home, maybe it’s time to listen. I’d love to hear from you.

This is one of the poems from a poetry book I made for all of the beautiful souls who subscribe to receive notes from my home and heart. If you’re not signed up, head over here and I look forward to welcoming you.

Softening to Life

In Poetry From Home on September 23, 2015



Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.

I’ve travelled through life like a metal rod,
Stiff and resistant to its flowing rhythms.
No flexibility to bend or sway
Or stray from the path
That I held firmly as the only way.

It felt like a fight, a battle, a war
Hypervigilent to everything coming my way.
I gave it my all, I tried my best
It left me exhausted, broken and lost,
Deeply craving for more.

It forced me to find another way,
One that allowed me to bend and sway.
Dropping the need to control where I go
Trusting the meanders and unexpected turns
Being open to the journey life’s taking me on.

Now I have softened to what comes my way,
Curious, open and at peace.
I sway in the breeze, I dance in the sun
I’ve dropped the pressure for things to go my way
And am riding the flowing river of life.



In Poetry From Home on June 3, 2015

Writing poetry is part of my soul’s practice of coming home. May these verses help light your way as you journey home to yourself.

How often do we hide
What’s really deep inside?
The thing that hurts the most
We turn it into a ghost.

Let it out, speak your truth
Allow it to be heard
Fear not what others think
Know they are just like you.

Be brave my dear
State what’s real
Care no more for illusions
There is no shame for you.

If you share yours
I’ll share mine
Let’s be in this together
And our lives will change forever.

Own it, love it
Know it’s yours
So real and true
Allow your voice to be heard.