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Homecoming Retreat in the UK
Custom-Designed For Your True Self

Imagine yourself getting away for a restorative and deeply clarifying, solo Homecoming Retreat, that changes your life forever.

Do you know something in your life needs to change so you can really feel at home? Maybe you’ve known it for a while but, amongst the busyness of life, you can’t work out what. Or maybe you’ve got an idea about what your true work looks like and what will give you a greater sense of purpose, but you don’t know how to make it happen.

When’s the last time you pressed pause? When’s the last time you felt deeply rested? When’s the last time you allowed yourself the space to really gain clarity and momentum?

Imagine this:

You arrive at a beautiful destination where peace and restoration rules. You spend as long as you like there, deeply resting, reigniting your spirit and allowing your true self to appear. When you feel ready, a trusted coach and skilled mentor comes alongside to guide you towards your true path. Deep conversation and clarity like you’ve never had before. Focused plans that you know will work. And the confidence and courage to make it happen.

This experience is real and awaiting your arrival.

Welcome to your Homecoming Retreat In The UK. It’s a solo experience custom-designed for you and you only, in partnership with me, Michelle McCartan — coach, teacher and guide to your true self.

What’s been your experience with traditional group retreats, where many women gather together at once? A group retreat can indeed be a beautiful experience, but many people leave retreats feeling just as drained and depleted as when they arrived. And for natural caretakers, empaths and people pleasers this can be exhausting as we spend our time on retreat so tuned in to others, that we never have time to tune in to our selves.

A Homecoming Retreat with me is a different sort of experience altogether.

Our souls have a very special way of speaking to us when we’re on retreat. If we deeply listen, we will hear our true selves calling us toward home.

Perhaps ‘home’ for you is about finally making that career change. Or finding a place for creativity to re-enter your life. Or starting to honor what you know your body has been asking you for. Maybe you simply need a reminder of who you really are when you’re feeling your best. You want to glow again, from within. Or maybe you just don’t know.

As co-creator and hostess of your retreat, my role is to support you in feeling deeply rested and reconnected with your true self, so that you can confidently and courageously make lasting change that will reverberate in your life for months and years to come. That will ultimately guide you home.

solution-studios-photography-devon-sol_42125x7-high-resYou are invited to my family’s home in idyllic rural Devon. You will have your own luxurious, private retreat set amongst 5 acres of grounds.

Built in 1838, my home is an old rectory house, complete with stately tall ceilings, warm fireplaces, heaps of character, and a custom built self-contained one bedroom retreat, where you will stay. The peace we experience here will be yours, too. You will reap the benefits of our labour of love!

Why a solo retreat?

You are unique. No pre-designed retreat experience can fully meet you where you are . . . except for one that is designed especially for you. A little of this. A little more of that. We will arrange the elements to your pleasure.

I know what you’re really wanting is peace, focus, depth, and clarity. And you deserve it. Those are all elements I can promise you on your solo Homecoming Retreat. Less pressure than a group retreat. Slower pace. Fewer expectations. Not even the need to be polite.

I want you to:

Rest. Restore. Respond to your true self calling you homeward.


Think of this a vacation for your soul — one that starts with and leads you straight back to your own true self.

Your Homecoming Retreat will feel like a cross between a solo vacation in a rarified setting where you can truly unwind, and a getaway with a cherished friend, someone to whom you can tell anything. There will be time for deep conversation and coaching, for walks in the woodland, for talks over dinner, for sitting by the fire, for engaging in creative activities side by side. All if you wish.


You can sit in the library and read books. You can wander in the gardens. You can have a massage. It is totally up to you.


Your retreat will be custom designed for you and you only. We will co-create your experience together before you arrive.

Nature. Nestling in before a crackling fire for a hot cup of something delightful and some intimate conversation.

All of this is to support you to deeply rest and connect with your inner home. When you leave, you will feel clearer about your journey ahead and brimming with enthusiasm to step forward.

A true sanctuary for your true self, here is what is available to you in this one-of-a-kind experience:

  • A beautiful, self-contained one bedroom retreat for deep restoration
  • Deep, soulful coaching conversations
  • Creative activities
  • Sitting by the fire
  • Walks through the beautiful gardens, woodland and paddock
  • Massages by licensed professionals
  • Nurturing alone time
  • Resting like you’ve never rested in your life
  • Pre-Arrival coaching and materials to set you up for a life changing retreat, and  Re-Entry coaching and materials to support your return to your new life

michelle-homeWhy me, as your hostess?

I am an experienced coach and life strategist who has supported hundreds of women on their journey home. Every client’s journey looks and feels different, and this is what totally excites me. I have a heart for sharing one-on-one time with women who crave this very intimate, restorative, and life changing time. No matter where you live and how long it will take you to get here, you are warmly invited to my home in Devon!

Contact me today to discuss your Homecoming Retreat.



How much does a Homecoming retreat cost?

Retreats are tailor made and vary in their length, content and therefore price. As an indication, 4 days start at £950, 5 days start at £1,100 and 6 days start at £1,220.

These prices include luxury accommodation in a one bedroom apartment, locally sourced breakfast provisions, one evening meal with Michelle McCartan, a beautiful massage, coaching, meditation and creative exercises, access to the gym and gardens and transfers to and from the nearest train station.

Can I pay for the retreat in installments?

Absolutely. There are a number of options available including paying a deposit on booking and then the remaining in installments so it is fully paid before your arrival. Payments can be made via Paypal or, for UK bank account holders, via direct bank transfer.

Do I need to have had coaching with Michelle to attend a Homecoming retreat?

Many of the guests at the retreat are coaching clients who have had 3 or more sessions with me and want more. That’s one option but the other is to have 2 sessions before your retreat and 2 after ensuring that you make the most of your retreat and really make that sustainable change you’re looking for.

Can I buy extra days of accommodation if I want to extend my stay?

Sounds great. If you fancy tagging on a few days of accommodation to the start or end of your retreat let me know and we can arrange it on an accommodation only basis at £70 per night.

What will I do for food?

One dinner is included in the retreat along with lots of wonderful goodies which will be waiting for you on arrival. There will be locally sourced breakfast provisions and most guests choose to cook the remainder of their meals sourcing food from a wholefood shop 5 minutes walk away. Should you want it, homemade meals are available for lunch and dinner and can be delivered to your retreat on a daily basis.

How far are you from civilization?

We think we have the best of both worlds here. We are in North Devon on the far edge of a market town giving the space and views we love, but enabling easy walking access to everything you could need.

Do I need a car?

No. I can arrange to pick you up and drop you back to a local train station. We are within easy walking distance to a market town where you can get any provisions you may wish and on a bus route to a range of towns and villages. If you do bring a car there will be lots of places you may wish to explore whilst you are here from beaches and national trust properties to coastal villages and moorland but many of these are easily accessible via public transport.

Will there be time to explore the local area?

This is your retreat so if exploration feels helpful, there’s lots to see and do around here. North Devon is a beautiful area which is spoilt for stunning beaches, Exmoor National Park, historical villages and stately homes as well as lots more. I have loved exploring the area so can point you in the right direction of some beautiful treasures.

Will I have my own accommodation or is it shared?

You will have your own private retreat which is for you and you alone. It offers you your own living, kitchen and dining room, a separate bedroom and bathroom. Your retreat is accessed via a private entrance and is not part of our home.

What features does the accommodation have?

Your retreat is decked out in a very cosy, nurturing and soothing manner. There’s lots of neutral colours, endless texture and natural materials.

Your retreat has fully controllable under floor heating throughout as well as a wood burning stove should you wish that extra coziness.

You might not need it, but there are entertainment options in the form of a television and DVD player as well as Wifi access. But if you want to keep it all at arms reach to truly retreat, that’s equally possible.

The kitchen is kitted out with a dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, oven and hob, microwave and all the crockery and utensils you could need to cook up a beautiful meal.

The relaxing bedroom has a beautiful king size bed plus lots of storage.

The rustic bathroom has a luxury shower with huge shower head, a deep bath for long soaks and lots of toiletries and candles to indulge in as well as a hairdryer.

What other facilities are available for me to use during my stay?

We have a huge workshop space with a selection of exercise equipment in it should you wish to use them or the open plan space for any form of exercise. You will have a key to access the space at any time during your stay.

The property has 5 acres of gardens which includes a paddock, pond with bridge and lots of little nooks. You will have access to all of the garden and can enjoy walks in it or choose to sit at one of the many benches or tables.

How will we spend our time together?

The beauty of a solo retreat as opposed to a group retreat, is that we get to co-create it for you and you alone. We will talk before your arrival about what will work best for you and how we can travel together to make the change you desire in the knowledge that we can continue to tweak it whilst you are here.

We will spend time together coaching, and yes if you read the kind words of previous clients, this does feel like a beautiful chat with someone who really gets you. I might write you a guided visualization (sign up for my newsletters to get access to the Snug and your own visualization) or do some meditation. We might get out paper and plans and workshop, create and plan. I might share books with you from my stacked bookshelves or maybe we’ll create something just for you.

Together, we find the way home.

Where will we work together?

You get to choose from doing it in your retreat accommodation or in one of the rooms in the main house such as the library, study, kitchen, living room or dining room. If you prefer, we can always do the coaching outside in the garden on whilst walking.  I will show you round the house when you arrive and each day you can choose where you would like to spend our time together.

Will I get access to other activities at the retreat?

All retreats include a massage with my wonderful massage therapist. Should you wish access to a yoga or pilates session I can arrange these for you with my teachers. I am a qualified nutrition coach so, should you wish to dive deep into the way you nourish your body, I can support you. And, if there’s anything else you fancy, just let me know and I’m sure we can make it happen.

Will your family be part of the retreat?

As much as they love the work I do, my son is at school during the day and my husband at work so you are unlikely to meet them. All of our time together will take place during the daytime so the house will be ours during this time.

What dates are available?

As you can imagine, when a retreat guest is with me they are a huge part of my focus. As a result I choose to offer one retreat a month to ensure I can give it the energy, focus and love it takes to be fully present at every moment. I work with clients to arrange the mutually best dates for their retreats so get in touch and we will work it out.

Can I hear from someone who has been on a retreat?

Absolutely. Check out Jennifer’s blog post here and if you want to know more get in touch.