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  • Intuitive coaching session for clarity

    Investment – £130

    60-minute Skype or phone consultation with Michelle McCartan.

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    This is an immediate way to get intuitive, soul-to-soul guidance to clear your mind and create a path forward in any area of your life or career.

    “Coaching with Michelle has challenged my thinking and has assisted me to think outside the box, providing me with the confidence and courage to make decisions I wouldn’t ordinarily have made on my own.” – Tanya Serrano

    Intuitive Coaching Session

    • Price: £ 130.00
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  • Homecoming Program – Your 3 month guided journey home to your true self and true work

    Investment – £630

    3 months of deep, life changing coaching with Michelle McCartan

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    • Short questionnaire to help us get to know one another
    • 1 x 90-minute luxurious opening Skype or phone session
    • 5 x 60-minute Skype or phone sessions (2 per month on average)
    • Resources, tools and book recommendations to support your journey
    • Unlimited email support for the duration of your program
    • A part of my soul that is always attuned to you

    Whatever change you’re seeking, through our work together, you’ll get to know your true self and take steps towards being unashamedly who you are. You will learn to tune in to your own intrinsic knowledge while tuning out the noise and busyness of life as you know it, dropping the shoulds and the musts and the seeking of approval from others.

    “Michelle has had a major impact on where I find myself today and the kind of employee, colleague, manager and mother that I have become. More than anything Michelle has helped me articulate what I really want from my life and my career and a pathway to achieving this.” – Juliette Hall

    Homecoming Program

    • Price: £ 630.00
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“Journey of Me is a powerful catalyst for creating positive life changes in simple, sustainable ways. It teaches us how to tune into the body’s wisdom and find the tools needed to live a life of wellness. It also helps us tune out the noise and complexities that often cloud our everyday lives. The Journey of Me encourages anyone, regardless of their current state of health, to live their best life.” —Megan Dalla-Camina Strategist, coach, author and speaker on women, leadership and wellbeing

Journey of Me (JOM)

£19.50 + postage

This eight-month journal is a guided journey to wellness, centred entirely around your true self. We are all on a journey of me in this life, learning who we are and what we most need and desire, and wellness is an essential core of this journey.

Journey of Me guides you through the discovery of your wellness as defined by eight specific areas: discovery, nutrition, movement, connection, rest, resources, mind, and growth.

This book is especially for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed, unclear about what you want your future to look like
  • You’re not feeling great in your body
  • You have lost your vibrancy
  • You can’t seem to lose the sense of dis-ease

It begins with a month of discovery, in which you unravel the truth of who you are, what matters most to you, and what your best life could look like — in other words, identifying your true self. Each subsequent month addresses one of seven dimensions of holistic wellness, providing the space for you to define what each of those dimensions look like for you.

Journey of Me includes a reflection page for each day of the month, filled with questions for pondering your journey, goals you can set, tools and planners you can use and a place where you can track your progress. This is not a prescriptive journey, but rather one that aims to reconnect you with your intuition and remind you that you are the expert of your own body, mind, and soul.

This book is not a quick-fix, one-size-fits all approach to wellness. It is entirely for you, created to guide you as you take your rightful place again at the centre of your life and decide to come home to your truest self.

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“Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to reconnect us with our true self and remind us of what really matters. Michelle takes us on an inspiring journey in her beautiful Inspiration Quotient supporting us to live our truest and most impactful life.” Rebecca Campbell, bestselling author (Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise) and intuitive guide

Inspiration Quotient (INQ)

£17.50 + postage

Filled with delicious inspiration to fuel you along your path, this beautiful, hardback coffee-table book is particularly ideal if you are about to embark on a change, or have just begun to realise that your life is not reflecting your true self or true work.  Featuring inspirational quotes and beautiful images, grouped into categories that mirror the situations and seasons we all face in life, INQ makes an ideal gift for someone going through transition.

Some signs that you might benefit from INQ:

  • You feel overwhelmed or lost
  • You keep getting in your own way
  • You often doubt or second-guess yourself
  • Every day feels like Groundhog Day
  • You are feeling the effects of the ups and downs that come with life

Whether things are going well or not so well, the encouragement in INQ gives you new perspectives that help confirm what you already know: That the journey home to your true self is the most important journey of our lives.

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When I read Michelle’s poetry it truly struck a chord inside my heart of the life I desire to live. One of self compassion, connection and courage to be me. Her words reminded me that we are all human, that we all have the same yearnings and desire to be happy and loved in this world. It felt like a coming home to myself. You can tell the words come directly from her heart and a deep knowledge within herself of what it means to live a mindful life, and to live a life from the heart. —Sacha Stewart, Writer, meditation teacher and coach

Soul Whispers – Poetic words to guide you home


Poetic words from my soul to yours offering you comfort, truth and strength in the knowledge that you are not alone. We are all on a journey home to our truest selves.

When you become really quiet and truly stop, what are the whispers of your soul? Listen as they guide you home.

Nine heartfelt poems with captivating images to help you to hear the whispers of your soul as they try to guide you home to your true self.

Download Soul Whispers Here