“If we are to reach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children” Mahatma Gandhi

Young People Today

We hear repeatedly that the mental health of young people is at an all time low with staggering statistics like 1 in 4 girls aged 17-19 have a mental health condition and 75% of all mental health problems are established by the age of 18.

It can seem tough being a young person these days. Whether it’s exam pressure, the desire to fit in, the need to get likes on social media or to live up to the expectations of others, there’s a lot to manage.

It can seem tough being a parent or teacher today as we work so hard to find ways to help young people thrive but often feel like we are failing them.

We’re desparately searching for the solution.

turning the tide

No matter our age, when we start to get an understanding of the human operating system, we start to uncover the source of our innate wellbeing, resilience and potential.

We start to see that that our potential and wellbeing is unlimited and cannot be diminished by the views of others, by results or by circumstances and that we have the resilience to manage life’s ups and downs, no matter the circumstance.

When we gain a deeper understanding of how our experience is created and access our own wellbeing, we automatically become better able as parents and teachers to support and guide children at school and at home.

Benefits for young people, parents and schools

• Greater resilience to navigate the challenges we face

•     Improved concentration and motivation

•     Stronger relationships

•     Improved capacity to understand and manage low moods

•     Enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills

•     Improved confidence

•     Greater psychological wellbeing

•     Greater tolerance and understanding of others

•     Greater sense of hope and capacity to make healthier life choices

How might the world change if we all knew that no matter what the outcomes look like - exam results, social media likes, friendships, body image - our children and ourselves are ok?

 Ways to work with me

Young People

Coaching, workshops and immersions for young people who want to have a different experience of life now and into the future.


Coaching and immersions for parents who want a deeper understanding of how to support their children now and into the future.


Coaching and workshops for teachers and young people who want to access greater resilience, wellbeing and realise their potential.