“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see” Alexandra K Trenfor

Young People Today

It can seem tough being a young person these days. Whether it’s exam pressure, the need to fit in, the desire to get likes on social media or to live up to the expectations of others, there’s a lot to manage.

We hear repeatedly that the mental health of young people is at an all time low with staggering statistics like……

Parents, carers, teachers and beyond all want to find a way to help young people but without a clear solution it can be hard to know how we can help.

What if there’s nothing to fix?

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“There is an enormous difference between finding your own inner wisdom and adopting someone else’s beliefs” Sydney Banks

 Ways to work with me


Coaching, workshops and immersions for young people who want to have a different experience of life now and into the future



Coaching, workshops and immersions for parents who want a deeper understanding of how to support their child now and into the future



Coaching and workshops for teachers and young people who want to access greater resilience, wellbeing and realise their potential.