Being a parent can be rewarding but also hard. We can feel out of our depth, overwhelmed and highly reactive.

The most helpful thing we can do is to understand. 

Understanding how we work as human beings and how our experience is created can change how we relate to our children and ourselves. As we start to uncover more of our own wellbeing and resilience, we are naturally more able to offer clarity, connection and understanding to our children as they navigate what comes their way.

Understanding helps us to see the resilience and wellbeing in our children and point them to the true source of their experiences. This creates warm relationships and enables our children - and ourselves - to face life with resilience and clarity.

Understanding uncovers resilient children, resilient parents and resilient family units.

Parenting Coaching Programs

This powerful and customisable program creates internal shifts in you as a parent whilst having a visible impact on your family.

Through regular coaching sessions for yourself - and the option to bring your partner - you will be guided to access your wellbeing and resilience and parent with clarity, love and understanding.

Whatever the size, composition or status of your family this program will offer you a new understanding of how our experience is created and how we can navigate the challenges that come into our family.

Wherever you are based in the world, we connect online to uncover a resilient family foundation that you can call on now and into the future.

This program is designed around your schedule to include regular online coaching sessions, emails, trainings and an optional face to face immersion.

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Immersive for parents

This is the opportunity for you with or without a partner to step away from the day to day of your life and family whilst immersing yourself in a fresh and transformative perspective. You will connect with a greater sense of clarity and peace of mind so that you are naturally more able to offer this to your child or children as they navigate what comes their way.

As you grow in understanding over our time together you will see the resilience and wellbeing in your children and use this as a basis for creating warm relationships.

By carving out this time, typically 2-4 days, you will create the space for accelerated shifts in yourself and your parenting in a condensed period of time. Whether you feel out of your depth with your child, want help with a particular area of parenting or to improve your ability to parent as a whole, you will build a strong foundation to apply to any situation you meet.

Held in picturesque North Devon at The Saunton Sands Hotel, Woolacombe Bay Hotel or location of your choice this time will take you and your parenting to a new level.

  • A coaching session prior to your intensive

  • Accommodation at the hotel of your choice

  • Impactful and transformative sessions throughout your immersion

  • 3 coaching sessions post your immersion

Tap into your full parenting potential and unearth your resilience to deal with the challenges you face.

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