Are you looking for greater peace of mind? Are you fed up of being exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed?


This transformative and customisable psychological wellbeing program will introduce you to a fresh understanding of the intelligent design of the mind and body, leading to powerful internal shifts.

You will gain a new perspective on how to take the weight off of your mind whilst dispelling the myths around what it takes to experience wellbeing, vitality and peace.

This bespoke creative partnership provides regular coaching to enable you to tap into a new level of wellbeing and have more energy and motivation to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

Wherever you are based in the world, collaborating in this way is transformative for building a foundation to access peace of mind and psychological wellbeing so that you can feel greater clarity and momentum for work and life.

This program is designed around your schedule to include regular online coaching sessions, emails, trainings and an optional face to face immersion.

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Small group programs to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the source of all of our experience and behaviours. With this understanding they will get a new perspective on what wellbeing really is and how it can be naturally leveraged at work and at home.

The program is grounded in the foundations of subtractive psychology, which focuses on taking the weight off the mind and therefore the body, enabling participants to access wellbeing more of the time without a complex myriad of unsustainable strategies. 

A 30 day journey including weekly webinars, videos and articles along with opportunities for one - on - one coaching calls. Maximum of 8 participants.

This program shares a fresh understanding of what really stops us from accessing our wellbeing every day, no matter what our circumstances.

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This is your opportunity to step away from the day to day of your busy life and immerse yourself in a fresh and transformative perspective. You will connect with a greater sense of clarity and peace of mind so that you can embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

By carving out this time, you will be creating the space for accelerated shifts in your understanding in a condensed period of time. Whether you struggle with anxiety or depression or frequently feel overwhelmed or exhausted you will build a strong foudation to take the weight off of your mind and access your innate psychological wellbeing.

Held in picturesque North Devon at The Saunton Sands Hotel, Woolacombe Bay Hotel or location of your choice this time will transform your relationship with your wellbeing.

  • A coaching session prior to your intensive

  • Accommodation at the hotel of your choice

  • Impactful and transformative sessions throughout your immersion

  • 3 coaching sessions post your immersion

Immerse yourself in a new understanding that uncovers the vitality and ease to navigate life and work.

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