The increasing expectations placed on teachers from parents, pupils, senior management, budgets, exam results and beyond can leave teachers feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted as they desparately try to keep up.

The increasing pressures placed on young people from peers, parents, schools, exams, social media and more can leave them struggling with stress, anxiety, difficult behaviour, unwanted habits, low self-esteem and bullying. 

Understanding how we work as human beings and how our experience is created can uncover more of our own wellbeing and potential. Understanding naturally leads us to becoming more resilient and able to navigate what comes our way each and every day.

Understanding helps us to see the wellbeing in others which creates deeper connections and more resilient environments.

Teacher Coaching Programs and workshops

This powerful and customisable program for teachers creates internal shifts in you as a teacher whilst having a visible impact on your pupils.

Through regular coaching sessions for yourself, or workshops for a group of teachers, you will be guided to access your wellbeing and resilience and teach with greater clarity, understanding and momentum.

This program will offer you a new understanding of how our experience is created and how we can navigate the challenges that come into your school or classroom whilst guiding you on how best to support your pupils.

Wherever you are based in the world, we connect online to uncover a resilient foundation that you can call on now and into the future.

This program is designed around your schedule to include regular coaching sessions, emails and trainings.

If you are based in the South West of England face to face 2 hour, half day and full day workshops are available for groups of teachers.

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Resilience Programs for Children

The IHEART (Innate Health Education and Resilience Training) curriculum is a proven preventative educational programme which empowers young people to better manage their behavioural and emotional challenges, instilling within them the confidence that they can realise their unique potential and manage their challenges and difficulties irrespective of circumstances. 

IHEART is thoughtfully designed to meet OFSTED and National Curriculum requirements and consists of a mix of interactive discussions, activities, self-reflections, animations, videos and group exercises. The program builds a foundational understanding on how the mind creates all of our realities, feeling states, moods and behaviours and the crucial connection between thought and feelings. It then builds on this to practically address the daily challenges facing young people such as;

·       Stress, worry and anxiety

·       Appreciating difference

·       Understanding bullying and bad behaviour

·       Self-image and identity

·       Using social media without it using you

·       Breaking addictive habits and compulsive behaviour

·       Dissolving the barriers to learning and motivation

·       Dealing with anger and conflict

The results are transformative – and sustainable – offering the missing piece in the mental health and wellbeing puzzle that society wishes to solve by creating a statistically significant positive impact on participants’ mental resilience and wellbeing;

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