“In a simple way, when your mind is clearer you do better. When it is more distorted you do worse. Because people don’t understand the driver behind it or where a clearer mind comes from, they can’t leverage it and are often a victim of it”

Aaron Turner

Sound Familiar?

No matter our lot in life, more and more of us are living and working immersed in varying degrees of stress and anxiety and we feel the impact in our bodies and our lives.

Whether it’s the overflowing inbox, the messy house, the demanding job, the spirited children, the sleeplessness or the frustrating colleague or partner, it can feel overwhelming.

When we don’t feel great we don’t do as well as we would like at the things that really matter like being a parent, a leader, a partner or a friend.

We do our best to push through whilst seeking strategies and techniques to make our work and our life better in the future. A search which can seem never ending.

This felt real for me, maybe you too?

What if it isn’t how it seems ?

How you feel and behave is impacted by your state of our mind in every single moment, no matter who you are.

It simply makes sense then to understand what causes our state of mind to fluctuate so we can leverage the power of a higher state of mind more of the time and the capabilities and potential it comes with.

This understanding prevents us from needing to be a victim to what comes our way in work and in life so we can feel that we are flowing with, rather than against, life more of the time.

How might I benefit?

•       Peace of mind and reduction in stress, anxiety and depression 

•       Greater resilience to to deal with challenges

•       Increased clarity to make healthier life choices

•       New levels of performance

•       Enhanced relationships at home and at work

•       Greater energy, enjoyment and motivation in work and life

“We are not seeing the world, we are seeing our state of mind’s version on the world” Mara Gleason

 Ways to work with me


One-on-one coaching

Transformational conversations for a greater peace of mind supporting you to thrive in your life and your work


Custom designed workshops designed to take your psychological fitness and performance to new levels


Step away from the day to day and immerse yourself and your business in an understanding of how our psychological system really works.