First, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Michelle. It’s who I’ve always been, even when I didn’t know it.

I believe we all have a unique contribution to make in this world and it all starts with knowing our true selves.

I have walked the path my clients come to walk. I had to make my own journey home.


 I finally came home to myself in 2013, after a journey that had taken me to the other side of the world and to the deep places hidden within my soul… and back home again.

I worked in HR for huge multinational corporations, set up my own coaching and HR consultancy in Australia, and was the director of coaching for a global consultancy.

But it was the crash – in the form of chronic fatigue – at the intersection of home, life, family and career that became the gift that would start the real journey to my inner core, deep into my True Self. I had finally found the path that led me home to my True Self.

Listening to my True Self 

Letting my True Self finally speak up, I plotted out my true path forward, one sign-posted with the wisdom, creativity, and well-honed intuition I had stored up over the years.

Knowing my True Self has freed me to live as I really am.

Walking out my True Self – in all the areas that life demands – has enabled me to live and work authentically, whether I am coaching, consulting, writing books, or nurturing my family. This is my True Work.


Your True Self and your True Work

Quite simply, I’ve been made to help fellow travellers like you navigate your own path towards arriving at the lasting fulfilment of knowing your True Self.

And it’s from this place that you, too, can embrace your True Work, and the fulfilment of pouring out your own unique contribution into a world that is incomplete without you.

I have walked the path my clients come to walk. I had to make my own journey home. You will too.